Anti-corruption compliance programs


ICFP members can assist organisations in developing robust anti-corruption compliance programs in several ways.

  • ICFP members have extensive experience in commercial crime and forensic investigations, anti-bribery and corruption compliance, and corporate crime prevention. This expertise allows them to guide on implementing effective anti-corruption measures.
  • ICFP offers accredited forensic programs at Universities in South Africa, ensuring members are highly skilled in areas such as accounting, criminal and civil law, investigations, and IT – all crucial for developing comprehensive anti-corruption compliance.
  • The ICFP serves as a self-regulatory body for the commercial forensic profession in South Africa, allowing it to set standards and coordinate the industry to address commercial crime and abuse. This position enables ICFP members to leverage industry best practices.
  • As a member-driven organization, the ICFP is well-positioned to assist organisations in navigating the complex landscape of anti-corruption regulations, indexes, and compliance requirements.

ICFP members’ specialised expertise, accredited training programs, industry coordination, and educational resources make them valuable partners for organizations seeking to develop robust anti-corruption compliance programs.