Membership Categories

Associate Membership

Any fit and proper person, having passed a Senior Certificate and who is obtaining experience in the commercial forensic field or studying towards a relevant qualification, may apply for and be awarded associate membership.


Any fit and proper person who applies will qualify as an (FP)SA on the following grounds:

  1. in terms of a pre-approved grandfather period, which expired on 31 March 2011; or
  2. proof of having passed a pre-approved qualifying examination, as determined by the Board, with at least 3 years’ relevant commercial forensic experience; or
  3. proof of any relevant degree, diploma or other qualification having a rating of at least NQF 7, with at least 10 years relevant commercial forensic experience; or
  4. proof of a senior certificate with at least 15 years of relevant commercial forensic experience.
  5. The relevant commercial forensic experience will be determined by the Board.

Please see the practice notes for more information.


Members that were awarded the professional designation (FP)SA and are in good standing with the ICFP may use the following trademark.

(FP)SA See guidelines.

Honorary Membership

Honorary membership may be awarded by the Board to any person in recognition of an outstanding contribution to the development of the commercial forensic profession or outstanding service to the Institute.

Membership Fees for 2020

As approved by the ICFP members at the AGM on 25 July 2019, membership dues will increase equal to the average inflation rate as communicated by the South African Reserve Bank Monetary Policy Committee (“MPC”) during their last meeting.  The last MPC statement that was issued on 21 November 2019 indicated the average annualised inflation rate at 3,7%.

Membership dues will, therefore, increase by 3,7% from 01 January 2020.







Associate members R 1,155.00 + VAT R 42.74 R 1,197.74 + VAT R 38.33 R  1,236.07 + VAT
(FP)SA R 2,310 + VAT R 85.47 R 2,395.47 + VAT R 76.66 R  2,472.13 + VAT
Honorary members NA NA NA NA NA





Membership application

Should you have inquiries with regard to membership kindly contact us at memberships@icfp.co.za or via telephone per the details listed on the 'contact us' tab on our website.

The membership form may be downloaded from the following link: http://www.icfp.co.za/application-membership