Practice notes for the awarding and maintenance of the (FP)SA professional designation

1.     Awarding of Professional Designation

The following requirements are applicable for the use of the professional designation to be awarded by the ICFP:

1.1.  Only Full and Honorary members of the ICFP may use the professional designation;

1.2.  Full members must be in good standing with the Institute in terms of:

1.2.1.   Membership dues must be up to date;

1.2.2.   Annual declarations must be up to date;

1.2.3.   CPD policy and credits must be adhered to

2.     Maintenance of Professional Designation

The professional designation status needs to be maintained by the member.  This includes four criteria, namely:

2.1.  ICFP membership dues must be up to date:

2.1.1.   Membership fees must be settled within 60 days after the date of the invoice.

2.1.2.   Members of the Institute are members in their personal capacity and are personally responsible for the payment of annual membership fees;

2.1.3.   Membership with the Institute is renewed automatically each year, until a member resign from the Institute in writing, after which a pro-rata fee will be charged;

2.1.4.   The membership year commences on 01 January and ends on 31 December.

2.2.  ICFP member data:

2.2.1.     Members must inform the Institute timeously of any changes to their personal and/or professional particulars in writing;

2.3.  ICFP Code of Ethics and Rules of Conduct:

2.3.1.   The member must subscribe to the Code of Ethics and Rules of Conduct, and;

2.3.2.Complete the annual declaration on the ICFP website.

2.4.  Continuous Professional Development (CPD):

2.4.1.   The member must participate in the CPD programme as stipulated by the ICFP.

Failure by a member to comply with these requirements will result in their professional designation being revoked by the ICFP.