The Institute of Commercial Forensic Practitioners (ICFP) is proud to announce that the South African Qualifications Authority (SAQA) has approved the recognition of the ICFP as a professional body. 

SAQA also approved the registration of the designation “Commercial Forensic Practitioner (FP)SA”.

This is the first designation that has been developed and awarded specifically for the Commercial Forensic Practitioner practising in South Africa.  The (FP)SA designation is awarded to Full members of the ICFP in good standing. See the practices notes for the awarding and maintenance of the (FP)SA professional designation.

Brand and visual identity guidelines


The ICFP will publish guidelines in terms of the use of the visual identity guidelines within the next week.  The administration office will contact (FP)SA's with details on accessing new membership certificates, and provide you with guidelines for the use of the designation that applies to both print and online use.

This recognition by SAQA is a major step towards achieving the ICFP’s objectives.

Practices notes for the awarding and maintenance of the (FP) SA professional designation.