Dr Carin Lombaard

Dr Carin Lombaard, FP(SA) has a PhD in Statistics combined with a strong accounting background.  Although she started her career in the academics, she ventured into the field of forensic investigation a little more than 16 years ago, where she was able to also put her data analytical ability to good use.  She has since become very passionate about not only forensic investigation but also fraud prevention and forensic skills development. 

As project manager and lead investigator at JGL Forensic Services, she has conducted multiple investigative assignments for public sector clients such as National Treasury, National Department of Justice and Constitutional Development, the Department of Public Works, the National Credit Regulator, and Gauteng Treasury.  Other public sector clients who have benefitted from her skills include amongst others C-BRTA, HWSETA, NAMC, NECSA, Competition Commission, SARS, National Museum.  Her further project exposure includes, inter alia, Limpopo Province Department of Transport, and the Ministry of Finance and Economic Planning of the Government of Ghana to name but a few.  Her experience is, however, not limited to the public sector, with assignments for PPC, OVK, and various attorneys’ firms also forming part of her resumé.

Carin is a dedicated and seasoned professional delivering outstanding results and performance and firmly believes in offering high-quality forensic services in the industry.  She is also committed to growing the forensic industry in South Africa through both skills development and contributions to the ICFP as a professional body.