Qualifying Examination

The ICFP Board Examinations have been carefully developed in order to comply with the minimum requirements set by the ICFP and incorporate the following five major areas of commercial forensic practice:

Who qualifies for the subsidy?


This subsidy is only applicable for applications received by the closing date from associate members in good standing, paid up for 2015, or new associate members who apply during 2015/16, paid up as at the closing date of the applications for the Qualifying Examination. The date of the submission of the application to the North-West University for the entry into the preparatory course is set for the first come first serve consideration. Prospective associate members have up to the closing date to become a fully paid up member with the Institute, as to be considered for the subsidy based on the date of submission of their preparatory course application with the North-West University.

The ICFP has selected and contracted independent specialists to review industry-related  courses offered by tertiary institutions.  This process was first introduced during 2014, and individuals will receive recognition for prior learning for the following accredited courses: