Scam Advise

Scams are becoming more sophisticated and many people fall victim to them.  Make sure you protect yourself against future scams.


Steps to take if you have been scammed

Stop all contact with the scammer

Once you realise you are being scammed, do not continue communicating with the scammers. Hang up the phone, and don’t reply to emails or letters.  If you have been scammed online, block the scammer from all you devices.

Do not make any more payments

It can be tempting to stay communicating with a scammer in the hope you will get all or some of your money back.

Some scammers target people caught in recent scams, by pretending to be enforcement agencies that can return all of your money for a fee. Reiality is, if you have paid scammers, the chances of recovering your money are zero.

Contact the bank or service you sent money through

If you are the victim of any financial scam contact your bank immediately. They will have a policy in place to deal with fraud.


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