A Bill is a draft version of a law. Most Bills are drawn up by a government department under direction of the relevant minister or deputy minister. A Bill must be approved by Cabinet before being submitted to Parliament.

Parliament is the national legislature (law-making body) of South Africa. As such, one of its major functions is to pass new laws, to amend existing laws, and to repeal or abolish (cancel) old laws. This function is guided by the Constitution of South Africa, which governs and applies to all law and conduct within South Africa.

PLEASE NOTE: The database is a work in progress and does not yet contain all the relevant Legislation important for commercial forensic practitioners in South Africa.

Updated or consolidated legislation. “Current legislation” gives you access to the latest or “in force” version.

Using Historical versions of Acts and Regulations, or “Point-in-time” legislation makes it possible to look at a piece of legislation as it was at a particular time. For example - if a matter arose or occurred in June 2005 one would need to use the version of the applicable Act for that period.

All these documents should also be available on the SAFLII website. http://www.saflii.org/content/south-africa-index