ICFP membership

The Institute of Commercial Forensic Practitioners is a self-regulatory body mandated by its members to Cohere, Co-ordinate and Regulate the commercial forensic profession in South Africa.

Key objectives:

  • Creating competent entry level forensic resources for the industry;
  • Professionally developing of our members and implementing standard operating procedures;
  • Creating networking opportunities and information sharing for members;
  • Regulating the conduct of members.

Application for membership of the Institute:

If you are interested in applying for membership of the ICFP you are welcome to submit an application.

The application form which you are required to complete and submit together with the relevant attachments can be accessed from the membership tab. The completed application form may be emailed to membership@icfp.co.za.

Should you have inquiries with regard to membership kindly contact us at memberships@icfp.co.za or via telephone per the details listed on the 'contact us' tab on our website.

About the ICFP

Cohering and regulating South Africa’s commercial forensic industry is relevant to all major role-players and stakeholders both interested in and involved in addressing commercial crime and other forms of abuse in the commercial environment.

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History of the ICFP

Background to the establishment of the ICFP

2007 to 2009

The first strategic meeting with key role players was held on 02 August 2007 attended by 60 forensic practitioners.  The main objective of the meeting was to decide wherther there is a need for a local body to represent the commercial forensic industry because it was felt that: