7 to 9 February 2018
Fraud hits businesses hard. And the bad news is that the number of fraud cases is rising. The pressure is on for companies to find effective solutions and tackle fraud in a smarter way.

Prof (Adv) Gerard Labuschagne shared best practice guidelines how treats should be dealt with in the workplace.

Date 7 to 9 February 2018.


Presenter: Mr Marc Anley (8 June 2017)


Marc provided an overview of Financial Intelligence Centre Amendment Act, 2017.  The Financial Intelligence Centre Amendment Act amends the Financial Intelligence Centre Act‚ 2001 which‚ along with other related acts‚ are aimed at combating money laundering and the financing of terrorism.



Presenter Mr Jason Jordaan


Cybercrime is a rapidly growing phenomenon and is only getting worse year on year.  New legal developments are being introduced in South Africa to strengthen our ability to address cybercrime.
Date: August 2017
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Topic: Using predictive analytics for fraud detection

Presenter Mr Manoj Chiba

In a world of near infinite data, professionals who can fish out insights from the ocean of data we’re drowning swimming in are incredibly attractive.
~ Scott Brinker – Chiefmartec ~


Date: August 2017

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Presenter: Adv Werner Bouwer and Karen Gray

(Nexus Training Academy)

Topic: Forensic Report Writing

A forensic report that is accurate, complete and professionally drafted is key to enable users to act on the report, whether it be management for addressing culture and control weaknesses, to institute actions against suspects, or to make informed decisions.  A properly drafted report is also crucial to withstand scrutiny and cross-examination in dispute resolution forums. 

Presenter: Mr.  Nic Harris (MTN)

Understanding your organisation's fraud risk profile is critical in proactive fraud prevention. However, due to the vast number of tools and risk management techniques available, the use of this methodology can often be overwhelming and underutilised. This development session aims to provide a practical and simplified approach to conducting effective fraud risk assessments within your organisation. Nicholas Harris will be presenting on simplified and practical risk management techniques that can be used with ease by the forensic professional.

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Presenter: Mr. Andre Groenewald

Topic includes:
· Factors that contribute to financial statement fraud;
· Fraudulent financial statement schemes;
· General principles during financial statement manipulation;
· Concealed liabilities and expenses;
· Fictitious revenue and timing differences;
· Improper disclosures;
· Understand management incentives;
· When does a financial error become financial statement manipulation;
· Case study - Olympus fraud scandal.

Date: August 2015

Attached find the presentation and some resources related to the case study.

The ICFP hosted its first industry breakfast on 31 July 2015 at EY, Sandton. The ICFP Board of Directors and attendees would like to take this opportunity to thank Steven Powell for an outstanding presentation. Steven shared his knowledge and expertise on managing corruption risks in Africa and discussed the results of the ENSafrica 2015 anti-bribery compliance survey.