Benefits of CPD


The benefits of CPD are essential for promotions and appliying for a new postion. Many employers now value ‘learning agility’ as a core competency. The ability and insight to manage your own professional growth is seen as a key strength.

CPD helps individuals:

  1. Build confidence and credibility – you can see your progression by tracking your learning;
  2. Earn more by showcasing achievements;
  3. CPD profesional development is a handy tool for appraisals;
  4. Achieve your career goals by focusing on your training and development;
  5. Cope positively with change by constantly updating your skill set;
  6. Be more productive and efficient by reflecting on your learning and highlighting gaps in your knowledge and experience.

Employers/ Clients

CPD benefits your employer and the service offiering to your clients:

  1. Helps maximise employee skills by linking learning to actions and theory to practice;
  2. Helps to set SMART (specific, measurable, achievable, realistic and time-bound) objectives so training activity is more closely linked to business requirements;
  3. Promotes staff development, leading to better staff morale and a motivated workforce, and helps give a positive image/brand to organisations;
  4. Adds value by helping staff to consciously apply learning to their role, their team and the organisation’s development;
  5. Linking to appraisals it is a good tool to help employees focus their achievements throughout the year