Conflict 360: Integrated Approach to Risk Management

The Imperfection of Disclosure

Traditional fraud detection systems often fail to connect the dots across various data sources, leaving fraud signals scattered and difficult to spot. Conflict 360 – a revolutionary solution that harmonises and centralises these signals, creating a powerful tool for identifying potential risks. Say goodbye to tedious time consuming, expensive, manual assessments and investigations, and embrace a comprehensive approach that delivers unparalleled visibility.

Uncovering Employee Red Flags

Conflict 360 brings a new era of conflict-of-interest compliance verification by using automation to provide a comprehensive view of various lifestyle behaviour red flags and conflict of interests. These indicators, when left unaddressed, can cast shadows over the integrity of organizations, customer service centres, and supply chains. By examining positions of trust, Conflict 360 offers an intricate understanding of adverse lifestyle behaviours that could otherwise contribute to collusion and fraudulent activities by harnessing the power of real-time data.