Qualifying examination Q & A

Who qualifies for the subsidy?

This subsidy is only applicable for applications received by the closing date from associate members in good standing.  The date of the submission of the application to the North-West University for entry into the preparatory course is set for the first come first serve consideration. Prospective associate members have up to the closing date to become a fully paid-up member with the Institute, as to be considered for the subsidy based on the date of submission of their preparatory course application with the North-West University.

I am not a member of the ICFP, do I also qualify for the subsidy?

No, however, if you apply for membership of the ICFP before the closing date of the Qualifying Examination your application will be considered given that your fees for that year have been paid in full.

Do I get recognition for prior learning?

Yes, when you apply you must provide proof of qualifications earned at other institutions. The ICFP will forward your request to an independent specialist that will review and compare the respective course outcomes. The specialist will make a recommendation to the Education Committee. Who are these specialists? The ICFP has selected and contracted specialists in the respective disciplines to review the course outcomes. All the specialists are objective and independent individuals that are linked to well-known tertiary institutions or organisations in South Africa.

What happens if I fail a module?

You will be given an opportunity to write the supplementary examination. All students must sign a performance agreement that states that if they do not complete the course or fail the examination they will be held liable for the subsidy.

How many modules are there?

There are five modules:

  • Commercial Forensic Accounting “CFA”
  • Commercial Forensic Law “CFL”
  • Commercial Forensic Information Technology “CFIT”
  • Commercial Forensic Investigation “CFI”
  • Practice and Fraud Risk Management “PFRM

Can I take all the modules in a year?

Unfortunately not. CFL is a prerequisite for CFI and CFA is a prerequisite for PFRM.

How many modules do the ICFP subsidise in a year?

In order to assist as many students as possible, the ICFP Board of Directors took a decision to subsidise two modules per student per annum.

How many subsidies are available?

The ICFP can unfortunately only subsidise 100 modules per annum.  Current ICFP members in good standing receive preference.

For how long will the ICFP still subsidise members?

The funding is discretionary and is determined by the Board on an annual basis.