Scam Advice

How to fight online scams more effectively and efficiently

In most countries, online fraud is now the most reported type of crime: 50 billion EUR lost in scams an expected growth rate of 40% chance of getting caught is less than 0.05% Looking at these numbers scams have become a safe and very lucrative business. That is why we want to understand better how to effectively remediate such risks from our...

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Whistleblowing Without Fear app

The Whistleblowing Without Fear app – a free app that hosts practical explanations on the rights of whistle-blowers, and provides them with valuable resources in their fight for what is right. The app is becoming a powerful weapon against wrongdoing, and we want you to be part of it. As this app will be free to users and made available across the...

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Stay safe with these tips

Scams are becoming more sophisticated and many people fall victim to them.  Make sure you protect yourself against future scams.   Steps to take if you have been scammed Stop all contact with the scammer Once you realise you are being scammed, do not continue communicating with the scammers. Hang up the phone, and don’t reply to emails or...

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