Attribute Standards


In Commercial Forensic Practice, expertise and integrity are combined to serve the public interest. Commercial Forensic Practitioners collect, analyse, scrutinise and present data, facts, information and evidence in an objective and impartial way, allowing clients, employers and society to prevent, detect and respond to economic crime and related irregularities.

Reliability and quality in this profession follow from rigour in the application of professional standards, and a commitment to ethical standards.

This document presents and explains the core ethical principles, attributes and standards of conduct that enable a Commercial Forensic Practitioner to effectively pursue the moral and social aims of the profession. These ethical standards are the foundation of more specific and detailed guidelines, policies and rules relating to practice (e.g. Best Practice Standards).

The aim of this document, and of the principles and standards outlined herein, are to:

  • Articulate the shared ethical aspirations and commitments of the profession (representing our collective conscience).
  • Offer guidance and clarity to professionals when making ethical decisions and evaluating different courses of action (representing the profession’s moral “compass”).
  • Provide a foundation for professional development activities.
  • Enable our clients, stakeholders and the general public to understand the role and values of the profession, and to evaluate the conduct and performance of its members.


Attribute Standards