Code of Ethics & Rules of Conduct

The purpose of this Code of Ethics is to promote an ethical culture and high ethical standards in the commercial forensic profession, in order to enhance the image of the profession and the Institute.

The Code of Ethics includes two essential components:

  • Principles that are relevant to the profession and the practice of commercial forensics;
  • Rules of Conduct that describe norms of behaviour expected of commercial forensic practitioners.

These rules are an aid to interpreting the principles into practical applications and are intended to guide the ethical conduct of commercial forensic practitioners.

The Code of Ethics together with other relevant policy documents and guidelines approved by the Institute provide guidance to commercial forensic practitioners.

This Code of Ethics is a valuable framework to both individuals and entities that provide commercial forensic services and binds members of the Institute; breaches by members will be dealt with in terms of the Institute’s Memorandum of Incorporation. (MOI).

Attachement (PDF)

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