Continuing Professional Development (CPD)

The ICFP is mandated to ensure that members of the ICFP develop and maintain the professional competence necessary to –

  • provide high-quality service to clients, employers and other stakeholders; and
  • strengthen public trust in the commercial forensic profession.

Although it is the responsibility of the commercial forensic practitioner to maintain competence by undertaking relevant continuing professional development (CPD) activities, the ICFP has a responsibility to –

  • foster a commitment to lifelong learning (maintaining and developing professional competence) among its members;
  • facilitate access to CPD opportunities and resources for their members; and
  • adopt prescribed requirements relating to the development and implementation of appropriate measurement, monitoring, and compliance procedures to help their members develop and maintain the professional competence necessary to protect the public interest.

These obligations are in line with the stakeholder expectations in South Africa.

What credits can I claim?

Structured and unstructured activities
Structured activities
  • Attending or presenting courses, congresses, seminars, workshops, lectures and conventions which are related to the field of commercial forensics;
  • Attending meetings of technical committees;
  • Researching/reviewing or writing of technical publications;
  • Compiling technical papers;
  • Attending ICFP events.
Unstructured activities
  •  Reading of technical and industry related literature;
  • Attending training and skills development that enhances soft skills, Microsoft Office, presentation skills etc.

See the CPD policy for more details.

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