Riskmap 2018

Source: https://www.controlrisks.com/

RiskMap 2018 is the definitive forecast of political and security risk across the globe in the coming year.  The main map covers the countries of the world and provides regional nuance within and across national borders.  The Maritime, Kidnap and Travel Risk maps give further insights into our areas of specialist expertise.

This year we are looking at the highest economic growth in a decade, but a geopolitical outlook characterised by uncertainty and confusion.  Assertive leaders and populist imperatives are combining with an appetite for military action in multiple arenas.  Terrorism is ever more diffuse as ideologies trade methodologies.  The cyber threat will reach new disruptive heights just as businesses are coping with a raft of new data regulation.  Knowing the minds and motivations of world leaders will be essential to distinguish risk from rhetoric and reality in 2018.