POCA: An effective tool to combat commercial crimes 18 June 2018

Presenter Adv Kobus van der Walt, Senior State Advocate at the National Prosecuting Authority (NPA) Asset Forfeiture Unit

The Prevention of Organised Crime Act (POCA) is being regarded both in SA and internationally as one of the best and most effective tools to combat commercial crimes.  Chapter 5 of the POCA deals with the criminal forfeiture of assets of convicted persons and Chapter 6 of the POCA deals with the civil forfeiture of assets that were used as instruments to commit crime or that represents the proceeds of criminal offences.

The AFU often makes use of forensic investigators and analyst to proof the flow of criminally tainted money and money laundering. It is of paramount importance that commercial forensic practitioners be aware of the powerful provisions of the POCA and how it may assist the victims of commercial crime to recover defrauded/stolen money.


Date: June 2018

The presentation can be found below.

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