The Financial Action Task Force (FATF) Mutual Evaluations

The FATF Mutual Evaluations are peer reviews on an ongoing basis of each FATF member to assess its compliance with and implementation of the FATF Recommendations. The FATF Recommendations are global standards against money laundering and terrorist financing, and include recommendations such as criminalising money laundering, application of targeted financial sanctions related to terrorism and terrorist financing, the monitoring of financial secrecy laws, among numerous others.

The mutual evaluations analyse each FATF country’s capacity to prevent criminal abuse of the financial system. The reviewed country is then assigned a level of compliance to the recommendations as either compliant, largely compliant, partially complaint or non-compliant.  A mutual evaluation report provides an in-depth description and analysis of a country’s system for preventing criminal abuse of the financial system as well as focused recommendations for the country to further strengthen its system.

FATF Mutual Evaluations