Forensic report writing

Presenter: Adv Werner Bouwer and Karen Gray

(Nexus Training Academy)

Topic: Forensic Report Writing

A forensic report that is accurate, complete and professionally drafted is key to enable users to act on the report, whether it be management for addressing culture and control weaknesses, to institute actions against suspects, or to make informed decisions.  A properly drafted report is also crucial to withstand scrutiny and cross-examination in dispute resolution forums.

Adding that writing in English does not come natural to most of us (whose first languages are one of the other 10 official languages); it becomes clear that report writing can easily become a mountain for the drafter, and a headache for the reviewer.

These presentations provided practical and simple principles and guidelines in two combined disciplines of English business writing, and how to plan, structure and write a forensic report.  Delegates learned how to deliver reports that conveys a complete and accurate message of the investigation conducted, containing clear and concise conclusions and rec­ommendations; through professional business English.

Nexus Training Academy is a fully accredited SASSETA training service provider.  The principles you will hear in the session, is contained in accredited unit standards owned by the Academy.

Attach find the presentations from Karen Gray and Werner Bouwer.

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